By Swatties, for Swatties:

You decide what goes inside, we take care of the rest.

Summer Storage

We can store your belongings for the entire summer and then return them to your new dorm room or off-campus apartment at the time of your choosing in late August (or whenever you return from studying abroad).

We are very careful with your boxes and furniture, as all our workers are Swarthmore students and understand the value of your belongings.

Study Abroad

No one will be able to tamper with your belongings while they are secured in our off-campus storage facility. When you get back to the States, we’ll deliver to your new dorm room or Ville apartment.

And if you decide to stay abroad for another semester, we can keep your belongings in our secure facility until you return.

Ship -To-School

We are more convenient, flexible, and inexpensive than any alternative option for transporting your belongings to campus. Of course, you should bring whatever you can fit in your luggage while flying or driving to Swarthmore. But for everything else, send it to us.

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